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Welcome to Pyramid Imports, Home of Egyptian arts, crafts and Belly Dance

     Arts and crafts, belly dance costumes, hip scarves,18K gold, and music imported straight from Egypt. We also carry Egyptian musical instruments, dumbeks, water pipes (shishas, hookahs), and Arabic music at whole sale price and great customer service. New 18k Gold Cartouches, King Tut and Nefretiti. If you like belly dancing or Egyptian arts, this site is for you. If you can't go to the Middle East we'll bring it to you.

Belly dance products Belly Dancing Products
Beautiful belly dancing products ranging from Costumes and Hip Scarves to all kinds of Accessories.
Store Specials
     We always have great specials running, and you can get as much as 50-80% off your purchases!
Egyptian Musical Instruments Egyptian Musical Instruments
Wood and Metal Drums, Tambourines, Ouds and Pearl Inlay instruments.
DVDs and Entertainment
Belly Dancing CDs, DVDs, and Videos. We also have Arabic DVDs and Cds
            DVDs, Films, Plays and more Arabic DVDs Movies, Music Videos, Plays and Egyptian Films
We are located in the US. selling all kinds of Arabic DVDs. We have hard to find classics, plays, documentaries and much more.

Hand Made Egyptian Vases

Beautiful authentic vases hand made in Egypt

belly dancing jewelry Belly Dancing Jewelery
Beautiful belly dance finger symbols, armbands, bracelets, necklaces and more.
Egyptian Arts and Crafts
Incredible Egyptian Statues. Inlaid boxes and chess sets. Silver, Gold, Papyrus and Egyptian Clothing.
            dance DVDs, music videos Belly Dancing DVDs Performance or Instructional

We carry the only few Belly dancing performance DVDs that have been released. We also have lots of Belly dancing Instructional DVDs and weightloss or exercise DVDs.
Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

We have a huge slection of Hip Scarves in all shapes, sizes and colors. We have recently started selling slightly larger and more durable Hip Scarves.
Egyptian History Books, Coloring Books, and Gift Wrap

Books from leading Egyptologists, activities books for children, and Egyptian style gift wrap
Belly Dancing Costumes

We have great variety of Belly Dancing Costumes. They are normally 4 piece sets with belt, bra, skirt and veil.
Special Clearance Discount Half Off Clearance Items
     We have a selection of items that are on clearance for 50-80% off
Pyramid Imports Gift Certificates

Pyramid Imports Gift Certificates
Bellydancing Costumes


10 Yard Circle Belly Dance Skirts!



Egyptian Arts and Crafts

Package Deals!

Buy certain items together and you could save up to 50% off list prices!