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ID# BDBS1601

Shimmering Blue and Green Turkish Belt and Bra Set

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     This Turkish Style Belt and Bra is very well crafted. The belt is in 2 pieces so you have hooks on both sides. Choose your correct sizes below.

**Please Note that sale prices ONLY apply to in stock sizes. No custom orders at this time!      If we do not have your size, we will order it for you from Egypt custom made to your size. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get it at no extra cost for you.

     Due to availability of specific sizes, you can specify below whether you are willing to get a size that is slightly larger. We can include extra clasps to adjust it smaller, an easy adjustment that leaves just a little overlap. You can choose how many inches larger is acceptable to you.

     Buy a skirt and veil set seen in the picture with you belt and bra, and you get $10 off the regular price.

Hip Size

Cup Size

Bra Diameter

Maximum Difference

Price: $299.00    
On Sale $149! Limited Time only!

Click Here for our How to Measure Your Bra and Hip Sizes Page and a list of sizes in stock for this set