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ID# DVD2462

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Dukaan Sha7hata- An Arabic Film with Haifa Wahbe
دكان شحاته

Amr Saad
Directed By: Khalid Youssef
Written By:
Language: Arabic
Subtitle Tracks: None
Color Mode: Colour
Region (Zone): NTSC
Running Time: 90 Min Aprrox
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دكان شحاته

Set in 2013, the movie flashes back thirty (30) years illustrating how the social and political events of the era have shaped today's society through the story of a poor family. Shehata is born to a poor Saidi family living in the big city. His mother dies during childbirth and his father is the ground's keeper of an estate owned by a generous and educated doctor. To help the family, the doctor gives them a piece of his land to open a shop and sell excess fruit from the estate. Growing up, Shehata is always the kind and caring brother despite the poor treatment he receives from his half siblings. As a young man, he falls in love with Beesa and they plan to marry despite their financial situation. When the political scene changes, Shehata's siblings take advantage of the situation and frame him in a forgery case and sell the land (after their father's death) for a huge profit. Shehata accepts his situation to protect his family and to respect their father's memory, though he dreams of the day he can be with Beesa. Will he be able to realize his dreams (like many young people in Egypt today) or will the powers of evil and corruption be too strong to overcome? Starring Amr Saad, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ghada Abdel Razzaq, Mohammad Karim, Tareq Abdel Aziz, and Haifa Wehbe in her first cinematic role.

DVD Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Dual Layer Format

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Starring:  Mahmoud Hameida, Haifa Wahbe, Amr Sa3d, Ghada Abdel Razeg, Amr Abdel Khalil, Mohamed Karim
Directed by:   Khaled Yousef
Produced by:  Al Subki Film, Kamil Abu Ali
Written by:   Nasser Abdel Rahman
Language: Arabic
Subtitle Tracks: None
Colour Mode: Color
Region Code: NTSC
Running Time: 90 mins. approx.