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Egyptian Musical Instruments

If you're looking for Egyptian musical instruments, like the tablas, Ouds, or Dumbeks we have a great selection at wholesale prices. We carry items ranging from Metal Drums, also called Dumbeks in the Middle East or tablas, to wooden inlaid Darabukka, ouds, and tambourines (Rek). They are made in Egypt by the best and most popular musical instrument makers, so you can be assured you are getting the best quality available in the market.

Egyptian Hand Crafted ouds

Some of our Egyptian ouds are made of wood and beautifully inlaid with mother of pearl. And some others without inlay work. Used by most professionals in the Middle East.
Egyptian Metal Dumbek Drums

The Metal Tablas are made of aluminum cast with synthetic heads and used in all Middle Eastern bands. And usually accompany belly dancers.
Egyptian Hand Inlaid Wooden Drums

Our wooden tablas are made of rose wood with goat skin heads. Inlaid with mother of pearl and made in Egypt.
Egyptian Professional Tambourines

Usually made of wood inlaid with mother of pearl and fish skin heads. Hand made in Egypt.